Beste weibliche Nebenrolle Fritzi Haberlandt
Beste Kamera / Bildgestaltung Peter Przybylski
Beste Filmmusik Timo Hietala


Juliane and Philipp have been a couple for many years. But lately she has left him, since she thinks with August she has met the love of her life. Now both of them are in Finland, spending their first summer holiday together. One day something strange happens: without warning Juliane kind of leaps back in time and awakes in winterly Berlin. She also is with Philipp again. Have August and the holiday only been a dream? Curious but at the same time anxious Juliane again awaits what the future will bring.


  • Produzenten: Maria Köpf
  • Drehbuch: Hendrik Handloegten
  • Regie: Hendrik Handloegten
  • Hauptdarsteller·innen: Nina Hoss
  • Nebendarsteller·innen: Fritzi Haberlandt, Lars Eidinger, Mark Waschke
  • Kamera/Bildgestaltung: Peter Przybylski
  • Szenenbild: Yeşim Zolan
  • Kostümbild: Anette Guther
  • Schnitt: Elena Bromund
  • Maske: Alexandra Lebedynski, Barbara Kreuzer
  • Filmmusik: Timo Hietala
  • Tongestaltung: Kai Tebbel